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Serving New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Please leave us a message if you get voicemail when you call...we may be out on a delivery or working on carts in the shop and we hate to miss your call!

-Get ready for spring!

-Now's the time to get your golf cart serviced. We can perform tune-ups on gas cart, battery and electric service on electric carts and repairs on all types of golf carts. Use our Build-A-Cart cart builder to choose the modifications you'd like for a custom cart retrofit!

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Jersey Carts is the premiere source for New Jersey custom golf carts, golf cart lift kits, golf cart custom seats, PA golf cart rentals and sales, as well as other golf cart accessories like golf cart headlight kits. It comes down to a quality service with features for everyone who needs to buy a custom golf cart. We also help if you need to a golf cart rental to transport guests in style.

Own Your Very Own Golf Cart

NJ, NY & PA golf cartsWe pride ourselves on providing high quality, reconditioned golf carts to our customers at prices you simply cannot beat. These carts offer a wide range of services to you on any occasion. If you're a camper, it's pure convenience in moving around the campgrounds in a custom built golf cart. If you have a large lot of land, you can use a custom golf cart to move around to any area. For rentals, it comes down to that added benefit of being a time and money saver.

Rental Golf Carts

If you want to save time and money when purchasing New Jersey custom golf carts, or need to rent a powerful build of cart for a major event, Jersey Carts provides the answer. These carts add convenience and safety to your transportation needs.

Camo Golf cart with gun rack and off road tiresOur carts are manufactured by the best and built to last, no matter how you plan to use them. We can also customize your current carts or assist you in buying a brand new custom golf cart that is also designed to last. Our work carts and play carts offer options you might not have even guessed. They are true business investments, and often more convenient for short drives than cars or other transportation.

Jersey Carts offers both work carts and play carts. Work carts play important roles in many businesses today - transporting clients, decreasing onsite travel time, and increasing productivity. Play carts add convenience and style to farm life, camping vacations, and other events.

We stand by our motto which states, "Don't settle for mild. You should go wild!"

These carts have so many possibilities you might not have even considered. Our carts are used regularly as a means:

- to move around campgrounds
- to ease the travel of yard work
- to get around at car shows
- while hunting, farming and for recreation
- or to simply enjoy transporting family and friends in a cool new modern toy!

Some of our buyers even use the utility carts for work on a job site or even as a cart for warehouse work.

Custom Builds

Specialty customized carts can be rented or purchased and neither option is hard on your budget.

So if you're ready for a customized golf cart or need a unique golf cart for a New Jersey camping expedition, you've come to the right place. Don't settle for mild - go wild with the very best in customized golf carts.