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Jersey Carts Celebrates New Year's Eve with Phish at Madison Square Garden!

Greg and David Gallo discuss cartrsWe received an email in November, 2012 from David Gallo of David Gallo Design. David inquired about cart rental for a "party" in midtown Manhattan on New Year's Eve. He wasn't very specific about the details at this point (said it was a "surprise party" of sorts) but was interested in our services, partly because we seemed like a "fun" company.

We had no idea at this point where this was headed but the words "fun" and "golf carts" piqued our interest...sounded good to us! Arrangements were made for David and his team to head out to Jersey Carts to examine the carts and do some testing. The crew arrived on a sunny December morning, ready to check out some carts.


This included a bit of cart testing, as speed, turning circle and reverse maneuvering performance all needed to be up to par in order for the "party" to be a success. At this point, we came to understand that the famous jam band, Phish was to be a part of the event but didn't fully understand the scope of the event.

We did understand that this was a special event and were excited to be a part of it. It was also explained to us that the element of surprise had to be preserved in order to maximize the impact of the event, so we buttoned our lips and moved forward.

As the planning stage continued, David presented us with a sketch of a customized cart that would ultimately be used to transport the band's drummer, Jon Fishman onto the stage during the big show:

Phishcart for Phish NYE show, 2012/2013

David requested another special item. A child's toy cart, modified for more speed, power and traction and painted to match the other carts to be used for the event. David delivered the cart to us and we did the rest:

Small Phish cart1Small Phish cart 2Small Phish cart 3

This cart would ultimately be used to transport an actor of reduced dimensions across the stage during the big finale. Modifications were even performed on the plastic wheels in order to maximize grip while the cart and its driver traveled up and down the ramp to the stage.

Prior to the event, we were asked to bring 2 carts to a large indoor facility in New York City where stage construction and rehearsals were taking place. The entire event was very carefully planned, down to the smallest detail, which included stage plots and a choreographed performance by the golf carts, which David Gallo's stage manager, Arturo discussed thoroughly with Greg. One highlight of the show was the "Golf Cart Tango", which was performed live on stage by our drivers during the show. Here's a clip of the moves during rehearsal:


As the event date neared, the rest of the carts were charged, cleaned and equipped with off-road tires for greater traction and eventually loaded onto our truck and trailer for transport to a large indoor facility in New York City where stage construction and rehearsals were taking place. Jersey Carts arrived, ready to rock!

This was more than just a cart rental; Jersey Carts was asked to provide expert drivers for the carts, who would be 'active participants in the event.' Our drivers were trained and ready and so were the carts. Jersey Carts even provided live bamboo stalks for stage decoration at David's request!

The result was nothing less than spectacular. Both the band and the audience found Jersey Cart's contribution to be extremely entertaining and David Gallo's creative vision produced an event that all who attended will never forget.