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Wheel Covers (hub caps):

Spruce up your cart with a set of hub caps! Available in a variety of styles, our hub cabs snap onto your original wheels and give your cart a whole new look.

Available styles:

Wheel cover, cragar
"Cragar" Style

Wheel cover, deep dish
Deep Dish

Wheel cover, demon, black chrome
Demon, Black Chrome

Wheel cover, demon, chrome
Demon, Chrome

Wheel cover, Keystone Classic
"Keystone Classic" Style

Wheel cover, Maxam, Black/Chrome
Maxam, Black/Chrome

Wheel Cover, Maxam, black/gold
Maxam, Black/Gold

Wheel cover, ninja

Wheel cover, sport

Wheel cover, SS
"SS" Style

Wheel cover, Turbine, Gold
Turbine, Gold

Wheel cover, turbine, silver
Turbine, Silver